July 27, 2017 all-day
Posey Park
Pam Rossi

Thursday, July 27

¨ Summertime Amusement Carnival Rides at Posey Park—Wrist Band Night 5 pm

Friday, July 28

¨ Whole Hawg Days® Poker Run Pre-Registration, 3—10 pm at Chamber Offices, 321 N. Main St.

¨ Arts & Crafts Festival at Posey Park—4 pm

¨ Summertime Amusement Carnival Rides at Posey Park—5 pm Wrist Band Night

¨ Parade Downtown Eufaula—6 pm

¨ Music at Capt. John’s Restaurant with Chad Sullins , 8 pm no cover charge

Saturday, July 29

¨ Whole Hawg Days® Poker Run Registration,

7 am Eufaula Cove Marina/Capt. John’s Restaurant

¨ New Event.. Eufaula Smoke Shop Horseshoe

Tournament—Posey Park area Registration 8 –9 am

Tournament begins at 9:00 am

¨ Arts & Crafts Festival at Posey Park, 9am

¨ Whole Hawg Days® Poker Run 9 am—3 pm

Capt. John’s Restaurant (Eufaula Cove)

¨ Summertime Amusement Carnival Rides at Posey Park, 10 am

¨ Whole Hawg Days® Car Show at Kiwanis Park, 10 am

¨ Hawg Cook Judging, 3:00 pm

¨ Hawg Sandwich Giveaway, 5:00 pm all over town

¨ Special Music by Miles Williams and the Hammer Down band , Capt. John’s Restaurant, 8 pm  no cover charge

5 thoughts on “Whole Hawg Days*”

    1. Yes, we will have a registration form and fee for being in the car show. Working on that this week so look for the flyer posted soon on this website.

    2. Yes, There is a $20 fee. We haven’t designed the registration form yet but it will be up soon. See the posting on the website now under Events / Whole Hawg Days

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