July 3, 2017 all-day
Soccer Fields on Beautiful Lake Eufaula
Eufaula, OK 74432
Eufaula Area Chamber of Commerce

Come out on Monday for a spectacular Independence Day event.

Things will start going around 1 pm with food trucks, games and blow up toys to entertain the children.  Pick out your spot to view the best fireworks show around on the water.  You can see from land or water. There will be music through out the day and Jams by DJ Timmy Ray.  It’s a family celebration of our American Heritage.

8 thoughts on “Independence Day Celebration (Monday, July 3, 2017)”

    1. The Soccerfields are located off of Broadway Street and L Street. If you go North on Broadway Street take a left on L Street and it will dead end into the park. You can park all over. on the fields and in the neighborhood.

  1. I shot professional fireworks shows for over 20 years. I have been “retired” due to health issues (safety due to the fact if anything ever went wrong I might not be able to leave the area fast enough. Anyone who has shot professionally will understand.) I did it with my dad who has now passed away and I have not seen fireworks in about 4 years. Never seen them on the lake. Really enjoyed the show. Really enjoyed the memories It brought back of my dad! 😊 Just want to check on the crew. At the very end after the finale It looked as though there were several that went off really close to the ground… We were not sure if it was the crews stuff or someone else’s. If it was the crews was anyone hurt? As someone who shot 1000’s of shows I know how safety is a #1 priority and to see that what appeared to be in the same area as where they were at just wanted to check.
    Also I would like to give a HUGE shot out to the highway patrol and the great work they were doing to keep everyone safe last night! I know it couldn’t have been an easy job! But I know that one stop they made my son in law and granddaughter were in the water close to dark as we were setting with at least 50 or more other boats with other kids and adults in the water waiting for the fireworks to start and some boat came flying through the ground of boats. to me that was an accident waiting to happen. But they were right on top of it keeping us safe! That was not the only stop we seen. Great job men! Not just last night but every time you go out thank you! Thank you for keeping us safe!
    This was the first time I’ve been on a boat on the lake and really enjoyed it! I’ve been to the lake 100’s of time just never on a boat. Looking forward to many more trips! Now that my husband and I are in our “golden” years! 😊

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